Chicken Coup Records

$15.00 (with S&H inside US) - $20.00 (with S&H outside US)


Recorded, mixed and mastered at Monaco Productions, Tony Monaco Engineer.

Tony Monaco, Organ and Vocals
Fareed Haque, Electric and Classical Guitar
Greg Fundis, Drums
Asako Itoh, Piano

The monster of the B3 is back with his ninth recording! Heralded as one of the best B3 players in the world, the incredible Tony Monaco presents a recording of all-new music, this time joined by critically acclaimed guitarist Fareed Haque!
First studio recording in over two years. Features the great Fareed Haque on guitar. Also features the mesmerizing piano of Asako Itoh. Voted Best World Guitarist by readers of Guitar Player magazine, Fareed helps establish this as the most unique Tony Monaco recording yet.

In the hands of Jimmy Smith, the organ could sing. Here, Monaco again proves that he too is the sort of high-caliber player who can coax such a response.


1. Furry Slippers
2. Boogie Blue
3. Chillin'
4. Unresolved
5. Magenta Moon
6. Speak Low
7. Roun' Midnight
8. I'll Drink to That
9. But Beautiful

A top-notch Hammond virtuoso.
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