Tony Monaco

Hammond B3 Organist and Music Educator  

"Acid Wash" on "Master Chops T"

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Eddie Bayard on Sax, Willie B on Drums and Kevin Turner on Guitar!


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"Four Brothers" is my newest  upcoming recording project! You can be involved , help sponsor and be a part of all the Private:  "Live Stream" rehearsals, Recording Session, and final mix down! You'll also receive the digital finished project and all alternate takes and rehearsal mixes! Below are ways you can be a part of "FOUR BROTHERS" from Columbus, OHIO!  God Bless ~ Tony

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Thomas Hvass , Clay Bastian , Ray Zanon & Ann ,  Julian Alonso, Gary Schultz ,  David & Terri Eggleston ,  Monty Hogan , Brian Gallagher , Gordon & Debbie Brown , Michael Hahn , Runar Høyem , Doug Kvandal , Anton Spreitzer , Stephan L Winninger , Jose Nelson Ramirez , Eric Wetzel , Jocelyn Raquepau ,  Peter Kelly , David Calabrese , Jimmie Dean , Bill Turner , Roger Lewis , Chris, Tommy and Tiffany Rakowski ,  Art Seymour , Joseph * Beth Ann and Jo Jo Cortini , Bill Lyons and Holly , Thomas Pistol and Adam , Dr. Kenneth Davis and Kristin , Ted Keaton , Erdem Tognic , Bob & Lynda Bocchichio , Kazuhisa Inoue ,  Joe Shemensk , Giancarlo Robles , Kevin Kincare , Adrian Jackson , Eugene Rivera , Jeffrey Dennis , Ted Kocher ,  Michael Levinsky . Hajo Kessener ,  Edward Hain , Eric Kessel , Akhil Mehra , Patrick Purcell , Kenneth Fridley ,  Ota Teppei , Steven Finney , Gabriel Hammer , David Chao, Sean Tracey , Richard Swan , Lukasz Kowalski  , Marcel Suos , Bill Pastuszek , Henry Lubeck , Darlene Graham , Jeff Martin , Oliver Kersting  , Larry Damuro , Steve "The Colonel" Sanders , Don Baker , Yip Kui Esther  & Sylvia , Brian Charette , Johnson Ho , Andrew Rakowski / Sam Verrni , Kevin Robinson , Kevin Delaney , Sebatien Cuiret , Terry Douds ,  & William Paul ! Also welcome Patreon and School Members!

You can multiply in the Shopping cart if you wish!   Thank You!!!

Cd sales and crowd funding aren't viable ways to fund Indy projects! Here's a new way to help us officially release a high quality chart buster and be able to communicate with us and fellow members! Hope you can Join!