"Furry Slippers" on "Furry Slippers"

"I'll Remember Jimmy" on "East to West"

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Bass and Comp

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Blues 102

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Blues 101

Why not take Hammond B-3 Organ lessons from a Master?

Tony Monaco has created a series of DVDs and Digital Downloads to help musicians learn the art of the incredible Hammond B-3 Organ. That's right, the Hammond organ. That incomparable purr, growl, roar, and squeal. That transcendent pad behind an acoustic guitar. That full-afterburner smear up the keyboard with all the drawbars pulled out and the Leslies spooling up. That funky, soulful percussive growl that just oozes with chicken grease and brings to mind a trio of hot cats cookin' in a small jazz club. The plaintive wail of gospel playing that gets you on your knees. That's the instrument!

Now, thanks to DVDs, Digital Downloads, and the Internet, you can take lessons with a Hammond B-3 Scientist who will open the door to mastery of this extraordinary creative tool. The Hammond in Jazz has experienced a resurgence as legends like the godfather of jazz organ Jimmy Smith record new albums and up-and-coming giants like young phenom Joey DeFrancesco and Tony Monaco push the envelope of B-3 jazz. Now, let Tony show you the way! On these Master Classes, Tony discusses and demonstrates all aspects of the B-3. Also featured, actual performances where Tony explains exactly what is doing.

$25 Download

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Both Blues 101 & 102

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6 Mixes: Reference, No Bass, No Keys, No Bass No Keys, No Drums and No Guitar/Sax

These are Gig Ready! All Songs Separated per Mix type!

Play Along 030521 Show $5

Play Along 030521 Includes: City Lights, Ain't it Funky Now, More Today than Yesterday, Cars Truck Buses, Jan Jan, Mellow Mood & Gotta Serve Somebody

Play Along 031221 Show $5

Play Along 031221 Includes: Locomotion, Watch What Happens, Polkadots and Moonbeams, Midnight Special, Corcovado & Oleo!

Play Along 031921 Includes: Mimosa, Goin to a Meetin, Road Song (OGD), Alone Together & Sunny!

Play Along 031921 Show $5

Play Along 032621 Includes: What's Goin On, Get it (F Blues), Triste, Ode to Billy Joe, Bluesette & These Soulful Days! !

Play Along 032621 Show $5

Tony Monaco

Hammond B3 Organist and Music Educator