Tony Monaco

Hammond B3 Organist and Music Educator  

"Acid Wash" on "Master Chops T"


6 Mixes: Reference, No Bass, No Keys, No Bass No Keys, No Drums and No Guitar/Sax

These are Gig Ready! All Songs Separated per Mix type!

(Class Videos (incl. Midi, Video and Midiculous) all $5 are below!)

Play Along 030521 Show $5

Play Along 030521 Includes: City Lights, Ain't it Funky Now, More Today than Yesterday, Cars Truck Buses, Jan Jan, Mellow Mood & Gotta Serve Somebody

Play Along 031221 Show $5

Play Along 031221 Includes: Locomotion, Watch What Happens, Polkadots and Moonbeams, Midnight Special, Corcovado & Oleo!

Play Along 031921 Includes: Mimosa, Goin to a Meetin, Road Song (OGD), Alone Together & Sunny!

Play Along 031921 Show $5

Play Along 032621 Includes: What's Goin On, Get it (F Blues), Triste, Ode to Billy Joe, Bluesette & These Soulful Days! !

Play Along 032621 Show $5